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We are a double glazed units manufacturer and supplier.

Our double glazed units are made with high-quality materials and equipment to make sure that our products are world class. We produce units for all thicknesses and sizes with the use of clear, toughened, laminated, self-cleaning or patterned glass. With the use of our double glazed units, you can reduce unwanted noise, and insulate your room. They keep the heat in that result to savings on your utility bills.

A double glazed sealed window is made up of two glass panes. The glasses are held apart by a spacer bar. There is a gap between the panes of glass and sealed on all sides. Glass is known as a good conductor of heat. The gap between the two glass panes reduces the conduction of heat. It helps keep the heat out during summer and keep it in during the cold months of winter.

Argon gas is pumped into the gap in order to help reduce the conduction of heat between the panes; thus keeping more heat out in.. The gas is non-toxic, non-corrosive, odourless, colourless, and stable in the sunlight. It is perfect for use in residential and office spaces. The double glazed units’ thermal insulation is also improved with the use of Low-E energy saving glass.

The following are the double glazed units we have to offer:

  • Low E double glazed units
  • A Rated Glass Units
  • C Rated Glass Units
  • Double Glazed Units with Argon Gas
  • Triple Glazed Units
  • Planitherm Double and Triple Glazed Units
  • Pilkington Energikare Double and Triple Glazed Units
  • Solar Control Units, Patterned, Textured Glass, or Self Cleaning Glass
  • Shaped Glass
  • Leaded Double Glazed Units
  • Georgian Bars that include Gold, Chrome, Rosewood, and White
  • Decorative Units that include Bevel Glass
  • High Specification Conservatory Glass
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