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Trade Windows, Doors, Aluminium and Glass

We have been supplying the trade for over a decade. We are a leading manufacturer of uPVC, aluminium windows, doors and glass. Our quality Products and bespoke marketing is designed to help you increase your sales.

Double Glazed Units Manufacturer

We produce our own double glazed sealed units in our workshops. Our double glazed units are made with high-quality materials and equipment to make sure that our products are world class…

Laminated Glass Supplier

Laminated glass refers to a safety glass that does not disintegrate when shattered, but instead holds together. This is because the laminated usually has an interlayer, usually of an adhesive like EVA or PVB, between…

Toughened Glass Supplier

At Glass Tec, we are proud to say that we have high-quality products that can be useful for a variety of applications. One of the perfect examples of such is our toughened glass…

Structural Glass Supplier

There are many uses for structural glass such as glass balustrading, glass walkways, glass flooring for commercial establishments, glass canopies, and glass stairways just to name a few. The list simply goes on and on…

Structural Balustrade Glass

This amazing innovation of structural glass delivers an impressive aesthetic solution that combines minimalist design with clean, smooth lines with improved visibility not to mention durability to deal with areas that experience high traffic. The…

Composite Door Glass

Close-up images showing a variety of composite door glass styles available…

Obscure Glass

Textured Glass For privacy, pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, decorative glass gives you a whole range of attractive options. In fact, Pilkington gives you no fewer than 18 different patterned glass…

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Glass Tec Windows - Glass
Glass Tec Windows - Glass
Glass Tec Windows - Glass
Glass Tec Windows - Glass
Glass Tec Windows - Glass