Tilt & Turn Windows

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Tilt & Turn Windows

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Beautifully Modern

Do you want to add a modern options to your property? If so, you should consider tilt and turn windows that will immediately create a beautiful and technically sound window.

In Europe, tilt and turn UPVC windows have been the standard for decades. Different from traditional windows, they can open fully like a casement as well as tilt for ventilation purpose. While traditional windows usually have one or two locking points, tilt and turn windows provide a weather seal with multiple points that makes them perfect for security as well as thermal insulation.

For a fresh and bright environment, the windows have glass panels so that the light and fresh air can enter. If you want to keep them clean and bright, it is in fact a simple and trouble-free task. The modern mechanism of tilt and turn windows provides wide side-opening so that they can be cleaned easily both from the inside and outside of your home. In the summer, you can wide open the windows and when outside is cold and wet; your home will always be well-ventilated with the smart top-fixed tilting design.

Clean Your Windows from Within

The window functions in two modes depending on the position of the handle. If the handle is pointing down, then it will lock it in position. If it is in a horizontal position, then the window can completely hinge into the room. That’s why tilt turn windows are perfect for cleaning from within your home. The handle which points up will let the window tilt into the room to provide excellent ventilation.

There are various frame finishes you can choose such as white, oak, mahogany and rosewood for the traditional look or our many colour options.. You can choose the colour as well as finish of the handles according to your preference with every installation. If you’re looking for the perfect tilt turn windows, you can rely on Glass Tec which offers versatile and practically maintenance free windows perfect for your home accompaniment.

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