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Trade Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows provide durability and strength. They are also generally high resistant to corrosion and rust. They offer slim lines, a less visible frame and more glass area. The aluminium windows by Glass Tec Windows are of high quality, built to last and maintenance free, with an aluminium life span that is measured by decades and not years. Aluminium, by nature, is very sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable.

Another advantage of aluminium is its capability to be coloured for more than 200 different RAL colours. You may even have your windows produced in order to come up with different colours both in and out. Our products are painted using polyester powder coat finish, basked for a resilient and tough paint finish which will not fade or flake through time.

We also produce a wide array of aluminium windows only from the biggest brands in the industry. If you are searching for a particular design or a specific feature, we will be happy to meet your requirements.

Trade Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors are durable, strong, and highly corrosion resistant. Its natural strength provides you slim lines, more glass area and lesser frame. Our aluminium doors are of high quality, created to last and are maintenance free. The life span of our aluminium products is measured in decades instead of years. By nature, aluminium has unlimited recyclability, very sustainable and eco friendly.

Another benefit of aluminium is the possibility of your doors to be coloured using more than 200 RAL colours. You may even choose to have a different hue for both inside and out. We manufacture different door systems from the biggest brands in this industry, providing a wide array of front doors, back doors, as well as French doors. Our aluminium doors are broken thermally, featuring beautiful glass designs, superb quality as well as high security.

Trade Aluminium Sliding Doors

Our sliding patio doors made of aluminium provide you with a literally transformed room for your home or workplace. As it is made of strong aluminium, our patio doors are typically slim, thus providing bigger glass areas while having larger sizes. Generally speaking, aluminium sliding patio doors provide you with more glass area as well as a lesser visible frame, resulting in allowing more light to enter. The rooms in your home will then have a brighter, bigger and warmer look.

Sliding patio doors are a charming and bold alternative option to French doors and offer a cost effective and simple alternative as compared to Bifolding Doors. Patio doors that we offer are also designed to be secure and aesthetically pleasing. They are also available in more than 200 different RAL colour finishes. We have more than 14 years of experience, very competitive prices, and all our products are being made to measure, and highly manufactured in order to meet your specifications. You will never settle for less with this option.

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