UPVC Doors

  • Highly energy efficient
  • Exceedingly secure

UPVC Doors

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Impressive Strength & Security

First impressions are often lasting ones. Especially the warm welcome your  new UPVC  door can give. Glass Tec UPVC Doors just don’t make a good impression. It also offers you impressive strength and security you expect from a High Quality UPVC door from us. It protects you from the rain, snow and cold air outside. Make unwanted draughts a thing of the past.

Importantly you new UPVC back door or UPVC front door only gives a warm welcome to bona fide guests. It’s reinforced with galvanised steel and has the latest technology hardware. Such as our Hoppe Security handles which our secured by design, police preferred specification-so you can feel safe from unwelcome intruders.

Durable & Energy Efficient

Our doors are built to last. In adding to normal daily wear and tear, our doors are designed to be used in high traffic, meaning they will last longer. They incorporate galvanised steel and a unique fusion welding system.

Our designs ensure increased firmness and extended life. Our doors are made from high quality profile, which is durable and Energy efficient. Our system offers the best range of high quality profile doors to suit any home.

Manufactured to Strict Quality Standards

Glass Tec doors have excellent thermal insulation, with insulated panels and argon glass as standard, this conserves energy and more importantly saves you money on your heating bill. Fit them and forget them. You really couldn’t get anything require less maintenance than our UPVC door. UPVC doors to shrink, or rot with time and you never have to varnish them.

Our doors are designed for the UK’s variable conditions, manufacturing to strict quality standards, you can have the peace of mind that you are buying a top quality UPVC door.

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