Composite Doors

  • Highly energy efficient
  • Exceedingly secure
  • Range of colours and woodgrain finishes
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Long lasting and lifetime guarantees

Composite Doors

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Composite Door Specialists

Glass Tec is one of the leading composite door supplier and known for installing high security doors. We pride ourselves on having unassailable security, magnificent style and outstanding quality. We have a large assortment of both front composite doors and back composite doors for your home.. Why not take a peek for yourself?

Police Approved

Glass Tec gives you the security you deserve from a door that has police-approved security features. Our goal is to provide worthwhile front composite doors for homes of all designs. Mixed together with strength and looks, pur composite doors will look good for a long time to come. The doors come in five different styles and seven colors, which means you’re going to find the external door that appeases to your eyes and taste.

Secured by Design

You know why you should have a home security door! Your safety, and the safety of the ones you love, is very important today! Regular home security doors have nothing on a Glass Tec security door, as Yale prides itself on having unassailable security and outstanding quality doors. With all doors, we installed Secured by design products.

Due to the quality that comes with its doors, Secured by Design has given its seal of approval (or accreditation). Secured by Design is an initiative by UK police to make homes safer. Quite a few insurance companies also recognize the value of having Secured by design, offering homeowners discounts on homeowners’ insurance coverage.

Energy Efficient

Security comes standard on all composite doors. Glass Tec offers composite front doors with the incomparable style and security you’re looking for. All of our composite front doors meet stringent environmental U value conditions. All front doors come with solid frames, lifelong colors and energy saving features, which is big reason why choosing composite doors from Glass Tec is such a worthwhile choice for your home. When you choose an exterior Composite door, it’s likely to be the last one you will ever purchase.

Solid Frame with 1.7″ Door Depth

Just like the Yale front doors, you can secure your home with its police-approved Secured by design security features. Back doors, which come with a 1.7-inch door depth and solid frame. Of course, it doesn’t just add security to them home but some class too. All back doors come with awe-inspiring designs from the period and modern eras. A composite back door that matches your home’s look can boost the home’s appearance.

Energy Efficient

Every single one of our composite doors is created with weather in mind. All doors come equipped with the glass reinforced plastic (GRP) technology, which can boost the defense of the door and permit true wood finishes. And remember, our composite front doors with its seven different colors are going to last for a very, very long time.

Glass Tec composite door puts its environmental responsibilities at the core of all its business. It’s got an internal rigid foam system, which makes it significantly thermally efficient. And, it’s a 100 percent CFC-free system, which only adds to the business’ credibility.

What are you waiting for? Order today and feel secure tomorrow!

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