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Bradford Based structural Glass Supplier

Structural glass is a term that is used to describe different assemblies of frameless glass that carry a part of the structural loads applied to the surface or elevation.

There are many uses for structural glass such as glass balustrading, glass walkways, glass flooring for commercial establishments, glass canopies, and glass stairways just to name a few. The list simply goes on and on and if you have an idea in mind, we’re more than happy to discuss your vision because, after all, we are a specialist when it comes to Structural glass supplier.

Constructions made from full structural glass can be done by supporting structural glass elevations with laminated glass fins and beams or with minimal steel. This type of construction for structural glass is often used when building roofs made from frameless glass as well as box extensions made from structural glass.

How you use curved and flat glass can only be limited to what you can imagine inside your head. Glass is always trending with numerous designers and architects, both inside and outside, and delivers better options for decorative finishes for both commercial and domestic settings.

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