Energy Efficient ‘A’ Rated Windows

  • Eliminates Draughts
  • D360 Rehau System
  • Reduce your energy bills

Energy Efficient ‘A’ Rated Windows

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Energy Efficiency

When it comes to making an investment in your home, especially one as sizeable as new windows, it’s important that you make the right decision. With bills rising all the time and everything costing more, it’s important to get a win when you can. With energy efficient windows, you can make a bold step in the right direction. However, with so many different varieties and companies out there offering these services, how do you choose? At Glass Tec, we aim to make that choice for you.


Your home loses energy through your windows – it is estimated that you lose as much as a fifth of the heat in your home through windows, even if they are not open – so making the right decision is vital. Our windows are designed to be energy efficient, so that you can save money and reap the benefits of not only having a warmer home, but a economical, quieter home.

Standard ‘A’ Rated

We rate all of our windows on a scale so you know exactly what you are buying. To ensure we are compliant with the latest changes in technology, we manufacture all of our own products, to ensure we meet the highest standards we set of ourselves. You can rate the products we sell on a scale similar to buying a fridge, so you know exactly what type of window you are buying. We offer A rated windows as standard.

When you come to Glass Tec, we make sure that every product we sell meets regulations and has been thoroughly tested to ensure efficiency and durability. Especially in the cold months, you will feel a great difference as the cold does not seep into your house.

Let us work with you and upgrade your home to be warmer, more efficient and even better looking then before!

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