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We are a laminated glass supplier

Glasstec are a laminated glass supplier based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Laminated glass refers to a safety glass that does not disintegrate when shattered, but instead holds together. This is because the laminated usually has an interlayer, usually of an adhesive like EVA or PVB, between sheets of one or two glass layers. The interlayer helps in adding strength to the laminated glass and ensues the glass does not break up into big sharp pieces.

Our Security Glass features;

  1. Laminated glass to resist a manual attack – This is made to withstand attack using a crowbar, axe, pickaxe and so on, so as to help in delay access to protected spaces for some time. It is categorised based on EN 356.
  2. Laminated glass to resist bullets – This is intended to offer protection during a firearm attack and it is categorised based on EN 1063.
  3. Laminated glass to resist blasts – This kind of laminated glass helps to lessen the injurious impacts of intentional or accidental blast forces and its performance is based on EN 13024.
  4. Laminated glass to resist fire – This is where one interlayer of the laminated glass is designed to react to high temperatures and give the glass fire resisting qualities. The glass components used in producing this glass are normally fire-resistant.

Different laminated glass categories

Depending on the function or the purpose of laminated glass, there are different types of this unique glass available. Here are some of the key ones:

Safety glass
Laminated glass meant for safety purpose is designed in such a way that the interlayer helps in retain glass fragments during a impact It offers significant resistance and lowers the risk of cutting injuries.

Security glass
This type of laminated glass is specifically designed to handle a certain degree of attack, which includes the following:

Solar control
This laminated glass incorporates a reflective or tinted interlay or float glass to offer solar control and minimise penetration of UV rays.

Acoustic glass
This laminated glass is meant for enhancing sound reduction and so a unique interlayer with sound reducing attributes is used.

Laminated safety glass uses
Laminated glass can be utilised in glazing vital locations and also balustrades. It may even be incorporated into the overhead glazing. The recommendation on which category of laminated glass to be utilised and the product marking are given in BS 6262-4:2005.

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Glass Tec Windows - Laminated Glass Supplier
Glass Tec Windows - Laminated Glass Supplier
Glass Tec Windows - Laminated Glass Supplier
Glass Tec Windows - Laminated Glass Supplier
Glass Tec Windows - Laminated Glass Supplier
Glass Tec Windows - Laminated Glass Supplier