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Trade Windows in Wakefied

If you are looking for Rehau Trade Windows and Doors in Wakefield, you need to look no further than Glass Tec Windows. We offer a wide variety of products for people interested in the trade UPVC windows and doors and for those enthusiastic DIY individuals who wish to renovate their homes on their own. Supplying only UPVC Windows that are of the highest quality, we assure that our customers are provided with a window system that is equipped with energy-efficient glass. Our timely deliveries and up to date manufacturing procedures will keep you coming back to us for all your Rehau Trade Window and Door needs in Wakefield! So come to Glass Tec Windows to get trade windows and doors for your customers!


Rehau Trade Windows in Wakefield

You can find a vast array of Trade Windows in Wakefield, but we provide features beyond compare! Designed with Rehau Total 70 that is a modern innovation in the UPVC Window industry; our windows are tested to meet high quality standards for our customers and yours. With a click fit single leg bead, our products are easy to install; and the choice between A rated and C rated windows allows our customers the freedom to choose the best option for their business.


Trade Triple Glazing in Wakefield

Trade Triple Glazing Windows supplied by our company are energy efficient and have high performance levels. They are also sound proof as they are made of 3 glass panes and 2 warm edge spacer bars with a dual filling of argon gas between the panes. With a total cavity of 40mm and a u-value of 0.6 in the glass unit, our Trade Triple Glazing Windows are manufactured according to high quality standards, reinforced with steel to assure heavy duty wear and tear.


Trade Composite Doors in Wakefield

Our Trade Composite Doors are designed to be environment-friendly and can be installed as both, front and back doors for homes. Our Trade Composite Doors are safe and with great features that will increase your sales. With features like, multipoint locking systems, weather resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) finish, and the availability of composite doors in 8 standard colours; we offer you the best quality products. Our Trade Composite Doors in Wakefield are also extra strong and sturdy with a 44mm door leaf that fits to the Rehau frame effortlessly, allowing easy installation.


Trade Patio Doors in Wakefield

Trade Patio Doors by Glass Tec Windows in Wakefield are manufactured keeping all the building regulations in mind. This allows you to keep up your good reputation as an installer and since the installation is quite easy, it adds a touch of convenience to the products provided. The welded and steel construction also gives strength and security to our Trade Patio Doors. Trade doors are available in a number of types, ranging from 2 to 4 panel designs, sliding or parted openings, etc and you can choose exactly what you require from our products according to the job you need to accomplish.


Trade French Doors in Wakefield

Our Rehau Trade French Doors are exemplary in quality and standards, meeting all necessary building rules and regulations. Our range of Trade French Doors with options of both, inwards and outwards opening doors, and a large array of locking systems; is manufactured to suit the needs of every customer.


Trade Coloured Windows in Wakefield

Trade Coloured Windows are manufactured by us in Wakefield using the latest technologies and we are known as leaders in the production of this product. We offer UPVC window frames in a wide variety of colours, aside from the standard ones; using modern technologies like, Rehau Foil range. We also provide standard options to our clients, such as, wood grain foils; with the product range of Trade Coloured Windows containing colours like, black, Irish oak, chartwell green, anthracite grey, nut tree and steel blue. This sets us apart from our competitors and gives you a range of options to provide to your customers.


Glass Wakefield

In Wakefield, we can provide you with different types of our Trade Double Glazed Units, including, laminated units, soft coat units, toughened units and Low E units. The sizes of the cavities can vary from anywhere between 28mm, 36mm, 40mm and 44mm. Our company also creates acoustic glass that allows perfect sound proofing for areas that have a high exposure to noise, such as airports or high traffic areas.

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Glass Tec Windows - Trade Windows In Wakefield
Glass Tec Windows - Trade Windows In Wakefield
Glass Tec Windows - Trade Windows In Wakefield
Glass Tec Windows - Trade Windows In Wakefield
Glass Tec Windows - Trade Windows In Wakefield
Glass Tec Windows - Trade Windows In Wakefield